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Free April Fools Day Sites:

  • Error95 Joke Program - Error95 v1.4 is a joke/prank program that generates customizable fake error messages on Windows95/NT/98/XP. Drive all their friends crazy!!!

  • Prank Calls Unlimited - Check out the free sound effects, or any one of their prank call pages to hear the calls that makes everyone laugh! They use the voice talent of bob pranky to make all of their unique calls, with his witty humour, funny voices, and crazy names, the telephone comedy never ends.

  • Wavhounds - A free site jam packed with tons of funny and rude wav files and games that all have to do with farting. This site has been around for years and will sure to make you laugh.

  • Cursor Fun - It will change the current mouse cursor to a user specified cursor. It allows you to choose which Windows cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you would like to swap the mouse cursor. Cursor Fun is great for playing a trick on an unsuspecting user or for those who are easily bored with their desktop. Available for Windows 95, 98 and Windows ME.

  • April Fools' Day Graphics - A personal site that reviews and lists free graphic websites. This is linked to their April Fools Day category for you to find their free graphics.

  • Windows crash gag - Download this fun program to play a joke on someone. When the person runs this program they get the screen below that won't go away! This does not harm there computer at all, but they think that something has gone wrong. After about 10 seconds another screen pops up that says it was all a joke.

  • DownHoax - This great prank makes it appear as though an "unwanted" file is being downloaded from the Internet. DownHoax randomly chooses a site from its internal database of "undesirables" and proceeds to simulate downloading an equally distasteful file.

  • HeadAche - HeadAche is a highly technical and comprehensive software package which required literally hundreds of man theirs of programming. At the core of this elaborate feat of programming genius was the exhaustive efforts of the RJL Software research and development team. Their goal was to create a program that would instantly give you a headache.

  • April Fools' Day Cards - Choose from many e-cards, select layout, color and more, then email it to their friends or family, The joke will be on them...

  • Fake Format - Fake Format mirrors the Windows "Format" functionality. Once the program is started, no matter which buttons are chosen, the program simulates formatting the specified drive. The user is unable to stop, interrupt, or cancel this format. Once the fake formatting is complete, the standard Windows format summary appears. Upon closing this summary screen the program can be exited.

  • Random Wallpaper Changer - This program will randomly change the desktop wallpaper to other .BMP files at user defined intervals. Simply select the directory where the .BMP files are stored, and this program randomly displays a new wallpaper. The great thing about this program is that it runs behind the scenes. The user will not be able to detect the source behind their changing wallpaper. Command line options are supported, so this program can be executed secretly upon start-up of the machine.

  • The Finger Prank - The Finger will have you laughing for hours! Launch The Finger on an unsuspecting user and watch their reaction when the cursor changes to the middle finger and then back to normal again. By default The Finger runs hidden in Windows and will switch the mouse cursor to a finger every 5 seconds, but you can configure how often the cursor will change by passing the word "setup" on the command line. To stop The Finger from changing the mouse cursor, simply move the mouse cursor to the top left corner of the screen and it will restore your mouse cursor and close. This is a must have joke program for the serious prankster.

  • Joke Windows Splash Screens - Download many different funny boot up splash screens for Windows 9x.

  • Program/WAV Launcher - This is a hidden program launcher. It will launch a specified program or .wav file at user defined intervals. The user can select the program or .WAV file to be launched and the frequency of launching. For programs you can specify the style of launching; normal, maximized and minimized. This program is guaranteed to annoy any user. Imagine Notepad.exe, or the .WAV file "Hail to the King Baby!" launching every five minutes. This is a great prank to play on a co-worker or friend.

  • Crazy Num-Caps-Scroll gag program - This program will toggle the Num Lock, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock keys at user defined intervals. It is possible to setup which keys to toggle and how often to toggle each key. This program also has command line support, so you can setup a shortcut to toggle each key. It can also be added to the Windows startup, where it would automatically begin toggling the keys. The best part about this program is that it is totally hidden to the user, and they will be unable to determine the source of the toggle.
  • Clickme - Click Me is a highly technical and comprehensive software package which required literally hundreds of man hours of programming. At the core of this elaborate feat of programming genius is the exhaustive efforts of the RJL Software research and development team. Their goal was to create a button that avoids your mouse pointer. We believe we have succeeded...

  • Giggleville.com - A directory site filled with fun and humour's things. You can literally spend hours here reading jokes, downloading pranks and viewing funny pictures and comics even.

  • Fake Delete - Fake Delete simulates the deletion of all files/folders in the Windows directory or whichever directory is passed via the command line. Fake Delete uses the standard Windows delete dialog so it appears very realistic, and it cannot be disabled or stopped.

  • Fake Windows Start Menu - This program will replace the existing Windows 95 Start Menu (task bar). It will respond to nothing from the user. It is a perfect prank for someone who utilizes the Start Menu often. This program is impossible to close unless you know the secret key combination.

  • JavaScript alert gag - Use JavaScript to give your visitors a little scare. Some of the more gullible visitors will even close be convinced that their computer has been completely contaminated.

  • Message Manager - This joke program will allow you to setup a message dialog for display on another user's computer. The text displayed, the image, the buttons (up to 9), can all be specified. Specific messages can be saved and loaded from a configuration file, enabling the message to appear upon execution of a shortcut or Windows startup. Great for making something think an error has occurred on their computer.

  • Bomb Crash Alert Gag - This program will display the standard Windows 95/98 "Illegal Operation" dialog box. It appears as though the user's application has crashed. Perfect for replacing a commonly used shortcut, the user will believe there is something wrong with the application, or even with the machine. With the command line option you can make it appear that the program you just ran...bombed!

  • Open CD gag - This joke application will open or close the CD-ROM drive, then launch a specified program, puzzling most users. Perfect for adding to the shortcut of a commonly used application or to the start-up of the machine. Works with most standard Windows compatible CD-ROM drives. Imagine how puzzling it would be if the CD-ROM drive opened each time Explorer was launched.

  • Black Screen - This security application will lock your desktop from unwanted users. There are several display options you can choose from, a totally black screen, capture the desktop, or display a specified bitmap.



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