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  • Internet Tourbus - Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the Web, master the search engines, debunk urban legends, and more. Net gurus Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispen (aka the "Click & Clack" of the online world) explain Internet technology in plain English with a dash of humour, in a FREE twice weekly email newsletter.

  • The LangaList - Many archived news letters and current up to date issues regarding your PC.

  • Free Pint - It is free to join the community and receive the newsletter. The Web site houses a range of free resources, including the full newsletter archive and the Bar. The Bar is where you can post your tricky research questions and get help from other FreePinters.

  • Dummies Daily - In just two simple steps, you can invite topical tips, tricks, and random bits of wisdom to appear regularly in your e-mail inbox like a welcome friend — a subscription that delivers eTypically For Dummies fun, information, and insight! Pair up your interests with a range of topics that run from money management to online music, Web design to career development, canine pals to computer exploration. The price for all this rich and rare content? For you, it's FREE!

  • DirectCoupons - The MyCoupons®/DirectCoupons™ was started in 1996 as a coupon, freebie, and great deal Newsletter. Today, MyCoupons®/DirectCoupons™ is sent to millions of people weekly. They have over 2,000 of their own unique offers.



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