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Free Online Game Sites:

  • AFunZone.com - you've got some time on your hands, A Fun Zone is sure to entertain! Home to over 1000 Brain Teasers and 676 free to play games. A Fun Zone offers an absolutely enormous archive of free puzzles, games, brainteasers, quizzes, IQ tests, trivia, contests, and free stuff.

  • WickedGoodGames.com - Games for ANY browser! If you're reading this you can play free online games no matter how you're connected to the internet or which device you're using. Older browsers with limited plug-ins might want to check out the MSNTV games first. Choose a destination and let the games begin!

  • Dot-Bingo.com - Offers you the best bingo resources on the net, including reviews on online bingo software providers, up-to-date Bingo News, a special newbie Bingo terms glossary, and useful chat term Acronyms.

  • AAAFreeGames.com - They have a wide variety of fun, free online games for you to play.

  • Arcade Outpost - Tons of links to all kinds of online games. Site has been around for many years.

  • Grump - Grump online brings a whole new dimension to multi-player card games. Grump is based on a solitaire layout but, with the addition of a "Grump Pile" and the excitement of three competitive computer players, the challenge is constant and the pace is quick. The option of playing in Tournament Play allows online players to compete for top spots on the daily, monthly or all time top 100 list.

  • Download-Online-Games.com - A well done site where you can read reviews and download online and offline games.

  • Domino Game - Play the old style game dominos against the pc or another player online, requires java.

  • RoboStrike - Is a free tactical robots fighting game mixing strategy and realtime action.

  • Stan's NetChess - Is a free internet chess playing service (with an option to subscribe to get some enhanced services). Started in January of 1998, the site was originally not automated. People would submit moves for their games, and once or twice a day, I would update the games and transfer the game pages out to the net.

  • The Quest for Yap - Is a free space strategy game involving trading, diplomacy and warfare. Features include a quest for the near-mythical planet YAP and an Evil Galaxy where the slave trade flourishes.

  • Insaniquarium - Is a highly addictive game where you grow and raise a collection of fish. Keep them well-fed, and they will reward you with riches. Fail to feed them, and they will perish. All this, and seafood-loving space aliens too!

  • Phatgames.net - You could be playing the hottest online games - and even winning some money in our tournaments or trivia games.

  • 4EverGames.com - Provides all your favourite free online games with instant access in your browser - without the need for registration!

  • Lycos Crossword Puzzles - Play daily crossword puzzles here at Lycos Entertainment.
  • MSN Gaming Zone - Choose a category and then choose and play online games.

  • Boxerjam - You can download or play games online for cash if you register, or for fun if you don't.

  • Daily Online Games - play online shockwave games for free.

  • Free Internet Chess Server - What FICS has to offer: chess and related variants, open 24 hours a day, every day, tournaments, graphical interfaces, coverage of major chess events, free of charge.



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