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Free Chat Program Sites:

  • FreeJavaChat.com - Their freeJava chat client is a feature-rich, IRC-compliant web interface. It allows real-time chat on a web page, in conjunction with a web servers run by their affiliate www.ircstorm.net.

  • CyberNet Worlds - A digital and 3 dimensional chat program where you can walk, run, jump and interact with other people while in the 3D universe.

  • PalTalk - The next generation instant messenger integrating voice, video and file sharing into one neat package. Fast download and ease of use makes PalTalk the #1choice for internet savvy users.

  • Trillian - Connects to all major chat networks, including AIM®, MSN®, ICQ®, Yahoo!®, and IRC! Unlike other multi-IM products, no accounts need to be registered with Cerulean Studios to begin. That means you can type in your old messenger account names and passwords

  • IMpersona - Once you start using famous3D's IMpersona, you'll never use ordinary text-based chat again. Pick a "persona" from the extensive library, set it as your profile and start chatting. Best of all IMpersona is absolutely free!

  • QuickChat - QuickChat uses java technology, allowing your visitor s to chat while on your homepage. They don't need to download anything! QuickChat is filled with options, and is customizable.

  • Microsoft NetMeeting - The Windows real-time collaboration and conferencing client is an easy-to-use Web phone, as well as a tool for corporate productivity.

  • ICQ Pro 2003a - Get ICQ instant messenger, join ICQ world leading communications community with over 150 million registered users!

  • XiRCON - Finally, an IRC client that appeals to users
    of all skill levels. Instantly usable, endlessly configurable.

  • Active Worlds - Active Worlds, the webs most powerful Virtual Reality experience, lets you visit and chat in incredible 3D worlds that are built by other users.

  • AOL Instant Messenger - Have fun with AIM: Chat with friends on the web and AOL.
    Express yourself by choosing a Buddy Icon or create your own.
    Make your IMs stand out with rich text and smileys. Transfer files, photos or music while IMing.



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