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Free Halloween Sites:

  • Haunted House Screen Saver - Fill out a survey and then download a free Halloween screensaver.

  • Halloween stationery - Whatever you're looking for, for Halloween, you'll find it here!

  • Halloween Haunting Screen Saver - Experience this new Halloween Haunting Screen Saver. Witness ghostly skulls or evil Jack-O-Lanterns creeping around your screen in animated 3D with spooky noises to raise the hair on the back of your neck...

  • Halloween Coloring Pages - Here's a nice selection of Halloween coloring pages for you to print as many times as you like, for free!

  • Halloween Horror Tetris Game - Like any other tetris game but with Ten Halloween background images, Ten Halloween level victory sounds.

  • Jelly Belly sample - They offer at least 500 free samples to United States residents, and at least 100 free samples to Canadian residents every day, 365 days a year! for filling out a survey.

  • ZOURS candy sample - They will be giving away 500 ZOURS samples everyday (only in the United States). These samples are meant for those who have never experienced the Power of ZOURS. Since they can not send everyone a free ZOURS sample, the samples are limited to one per person, one per household and one per year.

  • Halloween Screen Saver - This freeware screen saver features the sights and sounds of a spooky Halloween night. The screen saver features creepy bats, haunted houses, spooky sounds, cackling witches and a version of "Monster Mash," performed in a grave yard

  • Halloween Fonts - Download many creepy little fonts for your websites or just about anything that uses a true type font.

  • Grim Reaper Screen Saver - Download a free copy of a grim reaper screensaver.

  • Free Halloween Screen Savers - Their goal is to bring you the best Free Halloween screen savers on the Internet. They are not just another site that list free screen savers. They create, develop and distribute most of the Free Screen Savers Windows & Macintosh listed on the site.

  • Free horror movies - Full feature length films of horror films dating back to the 1920's.

  • Free Halloween art - Edit and then download simple halloween icons and images for your personal use.
  • Free Halloween Backgrounds - Download many backgrounds of spooky halloween creatures.

  • Ghoul's Delight Screen Saver - Watch over 20 different "unusual" goings-on within the spooky haunted house. Watch chilling creatures run amok, causing horrifying screams, as the wind whistles eerily in the background. The house is inhabited by witches, werewolves, bats, rats, ghosts, vampires, and much more. The haunted house scene alternates with a seasonal "Happy Halloween" display, complete with animation and ghoulish sounds.

  • Happy Halloween Clipart - many professional Halloween style cliparts for your personal use.

  • Free Tarot Readings - Choose a tarot card deck and fill out a form to get your tarrot card reading online.

  • Ghoulish Games - Play some online flash games starring Nightmare Ned from TV.



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