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Misc Freeware Sites:

  • The Favorite Start Page - The Favorite Start Page is a skinable browser start page which can import and export your IE5.5+ favorites (also called bookmarks). It is a single, dynamic HTML file which you can store on your hard disk and which therefore loads quickly whether you are online or offline.

  • Voicegeek - Download different utilities that use speech input and out.

  • AOLSpeed - You might have noticed after making the upgrade to AOL 4.0 that compared to AOL 3.0 it spends an inordinate amount of time "grinding" the hard drive any time you do any sort of activity in it, regardless of how fast your computer is. The AOLSpeed program improves this situation. What it does is patch an AOL program file (supersub.dll) to disable its unnecessary "disk buffer flushing." The end result is an AOL that performs noticeably faster on most operations and accesses the disk less (so it's quieter).

  • Freewarefiles.com - Browse and download tons of free programs arranged in catagories.

  • MyZips.com - You can browse categories or search with their built in search engine for any kind of free software.

  • Recipe Manager - Food and Recipe Database Management. Analyze nutrition of your food, recipes and meals. Help you stay healthy. Easy to use. FREEWARE. Over 6000 Ingredients to customise recipes. Over 30 nutrients (micronutrients, minerals and vitamins) values for analysis.

  • Zee Projector - Projector is a modern media player which supports all the features of an advance media-player including SKINS, Play-List, Full-Screen / Window Play Back, Cool Special-Effects and more.

  • FreeSoftCenter - Catagorized links to different software downloads.

  • BibleFoundry - The Liberated Code Foundry was established by David Drake in 2001 as a place to display open-source projects written especially for Liberty BASIC.

  • EZskins - Download any kind of skin imaginable for any program that uses skins.

  • Tinnes Software - Whole site is done in flash with stickmen, download many different utilities.

  • Freeware Bible program - You can enjoy the benefits of exploring this Holy Bible on your computer! This special Bible is called: Bible Millennium Edition (Catholic Douay-Rheims 1899) v2000.7 - Douay-Rheims Old and New Testaments with Deuterocanon. Electronic English Bible for Windows® Me/98/2000 or later

  • ConvertYourTone.com - The Ringtone Converter is a program that allows you to enter ringtones quickly and easily into your Nokia mobile phone (includes models 3210 3310 3390 8250) using the in built ringtone composer. You can also convert ringtones into standard RTTTL format for other phones.

  • MantaDB Utilities - The MantaDB Utilities are a free collection of useful tools that make the Web easier to use. Once installed, MantaDB becomes part of Internet Explorer and everything it does is available as a set of Toolbar Buttons in your browser.



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